“Whether working with Tara privately or in a group context, students will find her to be strong, warm, confident and informed. She has a deep understanding of the postures, a unique poetic approach to explaining how they work, and she strings them together in intelligent and creative sequences that are sure to have students walking away feeling grounded, open, invigorated and relaxed. Tara is a nurturing teacher who has a way of being fully present for everyone who is lucky enough to work with her. If I lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I’d be at her class every week, both for my own healing and to check out her great sequences.”
Kathryn Beet, Director
Yogaspace, Toronto

“If you don’t like Mondays, Tara’s Monday evening yoga class will change all that. From the moment you step foot into the space she creates for the practice, you are compelled to shed all the day’s stress. Tara delivers the whole package: the music, the candles, the guidance… something for all the senses and a perfect way to end any day.”
Loretta Pietrobon

“My friends and I have been getting together for a Girl’s weekend for the past 12 years. Tara came right to the house we were renting armed with everything we needed, right down to the lavender eye pillows and blankets for Savasana. Two of our friends had never done yoga before and were so impressed with how loose and rested they felt that they are both seeking yoga classes in their own cities. Tara easily suggested modifications to the poses so that our Vinyasa flowed smoothly no matter what the skill level. A really excellent class!”
Jo Low
Project S.H.A.R.E

“Combine passion with compassion, sensibility with sensitivity and you have Yoga both by and from the heart offered by Tara Rosling. I cannot recommend her yoga teaching skills more highly. All of her qualities have helped me find greater understanding as to how my body can continue to serve me in the world as I age.”
Carol Baggott-Forte
Master Singing Teacher

“Yoga by Heart with Tara is exactly that… though I guess I think “yoga with heart.” Her kind and generous teaching style, along with beautiful descriptive cues make the class an experience from start to finish. Helpful to beginners and challenging to those more advanced… a great class always.”
Lisa Doucette Gregson
Pilates Instructor

“After having practiced yoga for 10 years it is a true pleasure and gift to now have Tara (yogabyheart) leading my practice. Her calm energy, counter balanced by her incredible inner strength, is a joy to be around. I always feel as if the class has been structured to my needs – that is a fine accomplishment from any instructor in any medium. My Monday night yoga class gets me through my week!”
Shelley Huson

Adding yoga to our “girlfriends” weekend away was magical, and made more so by having the good fortune to have booked Tara as our yoga teacher. Six friends, all with a different level of experience in yoga (one with no experience at all) and Tara was able to ensure that each and every one of us got something wonderful out of our hour and a half class. Great instruction; great class.
Rachel Agnoluzzi, CFRE
Southlake Foundation

Tara Rosling is a joyful, resilient and supportive yoga instructor who proves time and again that yoga is for every “body”. Regardless of your experience level, you will always come away with a nugget of learning in her open-hearted sessions whether it’s breath work, body alignment, or simply being fully present. A 90 minute yoga class with Tara is definitely good for the soul.
Ann Marie Simone